Gay Penguin Couple Kidnap Baby Chick

While the parents are off swimming, a gay penguin couple kidnaps their baby says a zookeeper in Denmark. Read who the whole situation unfolds below.

Sandie Hedegård Munck, an animal keeper in Denmark, says that the male penguin couple resides at the Odense Zoo. She claims that the duo is adamant about becoming parents.

According to Sandie, the two penguins saw that parents of the chick were “neglecting” the little fellow. So they chose to intervene and snatch him up in hopes of adopting the lad.

Sandie says that something in the penguin area was off. The parents were gone, and their kid was nowhere around either.
She says that’s when she saw the pair of gay males standing with the baby chick.

Sandie goes on to say that she believes the mom was out taking her daily bath. When she did not return in time, it seemed as if the dad had forgotten that he was on duty to watch their baby and he was all alone.

Gay Penguin Couple Kidnap Baby Chick In Attempt To Make It Their Own

She goes on to tell reporters that when they gay penguins saw the little guy alone, they thought it was the perfect time to snatch him up.

Sandie was expecting the parent to return and claim their baby; however, it didn’t happen immediately.

It didn’t take too long for the parents of the chick to come looking for their baby, and they two penguins gave him back. Though the flightless birds were flapping about, they were not going to give up their new chick without a fight.

The story is sad, how there is a happy ending. The zookeepers, after seeing how well they two gay penguins looked after the baby chick, will give them an egg from a new mom. The mom in question is not able to look after her offspring due to being sick herself.