UTIs Are Preventable With Water Intake

Moms have been telling their children that drinking more water will help fight off those pesky recurring UTIs. Well, Mom was right!

According to a study published on Monday, there a correlation to drinking more water and urinary tract infections. The study says that women who add 1.5 liters of water to there regular intake for a year were 50% less likely to get another UTI. That is, as opposed to women who drank less than that amount.

The reason for the reduction was more than likely due to to the increase in urine volume which makes for more frequent urination. Both help to flush out bacteria from the bladder.

If you drink 1.5 liters of water a day, that equals out to be four 12-ounce bottles of water or six cups. Research says that at least half of all women are at risk for UTIs. Once they get one, almost a quarter of those women will receive another within six months.

UTIs Are Preventable

For those familiar with UTIs, they know that they come with itching, intense burning, and frequent urination. All those things can make life miserable at times. But according to the author of the study, treating UTIs accounts for around 15% of all antimicrobial use. That can be the reason why were have antibiotic resistance issues going on. Doctors recommend for women to change their lifestyles or add other prescription as a means to fight the problem.

Most people believe that using cranberry juice will help with their UTIs. Boy, were they wrong.

However, experts say that women should know about other factors that can cause the dreadful UTI. First, stop delaying your urination. After intercourse, be sure to urinate after. Also, practice good vaginal hygiene. Use soaps without perfumes to wash the area around the vagina. Be sure to cleanse your vulva every day. Also, avoid the douche.