Ruby Rose, Blowing Up The Internet, Literally

Ruby Rose is known for playing dangerous characters. For example, she was an inmate in the Orange Is The New Black series. Also, she was a scientist who had to fight a prehistoric shark in The Meg. However, some sites are considering the actress actually to be dangerous.

McAfee, a cybersecurity firm have crowned Ms. Rose the most dangerous celebrity on the internet on Tuesday. According to the company, no other celebrity lands users on virus and malware sites as she does.

Kristin Cavallari, a reality TV star was number 2 behind Rose. Actress Marion Cotillard was number 3, and the ordinal Wonder Woman Lynda Carter was number 4. Ruby Rose was named to play Batwoman on an upcoming CW series.

The survey from the online company is for highlighting dangers of users clicking suspicious links. McAfee urges that those using the internet to look up celebrities understand that risks that come with searching for content that’s downloadable. They were able to use their own site rating to compile the list of celebrity searches. Also, they used searches on sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Ruby Rose Is Currently The Most Dangerous Celebrity To Look Up On The Internet

According to Gary Davis, the chief consumer security evangelist at McAfee, they want consumers to think before they click. Also, for them to be sure that they are landing on sites that are safe. The biggest concern for the company is cybersecurity, so they want to be sure that consumers are protecting themselves from threats and cyber attacks.

Last year’s most dangerous celeb was Avril Lavigne. Some previous year’s top ten were Bruno Mars, Carly Ray Jepsen, Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry.

Adele was No.21, coming as the highest ranked musician considered dangerous to look up. Next came Shakira at No. 27. In 2017, Diddy was No. 9 on the list but fell to No.76 this year.