Margot Robbie To Play Barbie In New Film

Barbie and her Malibu Dream House are coming to the big screen. For years, Sony has been developing a movie about the doll. However, now it is coming to fruition. Warner Bros. and Mattel are partnering for the film, and there are talks of Margot Robbie staring in the film. Robbie, if picked, will produce the project through her banner LuckyChap.

In 2014, Mattel first announced that they would be working with Sony on a Barbie Film. Reports in 2016 were claiming that Amy Schumer would be starring in the movie that would be a comedic spin the classic Barbie mythology. It was going to have a contemporary flair with an emphasis on identity and feminism. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Schumer was no longer a part of the project.

Margot Robbie Playing Barbie

Soon after, reports came out with Anne Hathaway replacing Schumer, also with the film looking to come out in June of 2018. Then, it was pushed to August. Now Sony is hoping for the film’s release to be in 2020.

Earlier this year Mattel received the right back for Barbie.

Sources close to the project ay that Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, has been mentioned as being a part of the film, however, there has been no substantial evidence of this being true.

If the deal goes through, the movie will continue to bill Robbie as the main character. Also, her LuckyChap banner will have first dibs on the deal with Warner Bros. Currently the studio is preparing for the production of Birds of Prey. Robbie is producing the film and will also reprise her role as DCU’s Harley Quinn.

After earning an Oscar nod doe her role in I, Tonya, we will next see the actress in Mary Queen of Scotts. Also, she is working on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a Sony production.