Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James

LeBron James, the new forward for Los Angeles Lakers, is what many would consider a wine connoisseur. However, he wasn’t able to drink during a two-week cleanse in which he could only drink and eat certain foods.

During an interview, he said that it was just part of his diet regiment. Though he was wanting to drink wine, he chose not too and says that he feels great. During the cleanse, LeBron says that he gave up a lot of things. He did not consume gluten, dairy, alcohol, or artificial sugars.

When the interviewer asked him what he was able to consume, he jokingly answered air.

Los Angeles Lakers Look Forward To Season With LeBron

James is known to enjoy a glass of fine wine, however, watching his children eat whatever they want made it a bit difficult to stay on track. He says that he had to remain disciplined having three kids running around. He says that they were making chocolate chip pancakes with sprinkles at 11 o’clock at night. LeBron was able to stay strong-willed.

James has always been to keep himself in shape during and after the NBA season. He is currently heading into his 16th season. This is his first as the leader of a young team of Lakers.

Though James is the elder when it comes to the team’s roster, however, he is fast pace, and will not in anyway slow the team down. He will continue to keep his style.
According to head coach Luke Walton, he will remain in constant communication with James when it comes to nights of rest. They don’t want to overplay the star player.

Even with that being said, neither James or Walton are overly concerned with LeBron being too tired to play. Fans are excited to see what he brings to the Los Angeles Lakers.