Julia Roberts On Social Media

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Julia Roberts spoke about joining social media, more specifically, Instagram. Husband Danny modder, and their 13-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, plus her 11-year-old Henry were the ones to convince her to do so. She says that she blocks comments from people unless they are one of the 18 people she follows on the site. However, on her niece’s, Emma Roberts’ Instagram, she received some hateful posts.

27-year-old Emma chose to post a make-up free picture of her and her Aunt playing cards. Unfortunately, the image received a lot of backlashes when it came to Jula’s appearance. She says that the onset of bad comments gave her a glance into what it’s like being a young person living in society today.

Julia Roberts On How Social Media Affects Her

She says that it was on a weekend when he Emma came over for a sleepover. The next morning the tow got up and were enjoying a glass of tea as well as playing a card game. A few days later she noticed that Emma had posted a picture of the two on to her Instagram account. She couldn’t believe all of the negative comments about her looks. Some were saying that she looks like a man. Others were saying that she wasn’t aging well.

Julia Roberts says that she couldn’t believe how the negatives had her feeling. As a 50-year-old woman, and knowing who she is as a person, the comments still hurt her feelings. It made her sad that people couldn’t see the sweetness of her and Emma enjoying time together and niece and aunt.

The experience was a teaching moment for Ms. Roberts either way.

She says int he interviews that she is glad that the incident occurred. The reason being it gave her a glimpse into a way over living she never understood.