Nine People Dead After Mountainous Storm

A freak accident on Nepal’s Mount Gurja has left nine people dead and the mountaineering community in dread. Four mountain guides were dropped off at a camping site where South Korean climbers were residing. Suddenly, the winds in the area picked up and slung snow everywhere, killing everyone in the area. Some bodies were as far as 1,340 feet away from the campsite.

According to a chopper pilot who was helping to retrieve the bodies, all of them have been found. Also, they are in the process of bringing them down the mountain. Any attempts to reach the remote side of the mountain range was halted due to strong winds in the area.

One rescue, Dan Richards Og Global Rescue says that the camp looks as though a bomb went off. Kim Chang-ho, an experienced South Korean climber, was leading the expedition. At one time, he was able to climb 14 of the world’s highest mountain without any supplemental oxygen tanks.

Experts in mountaineering minds can’t wrap their heads around why with the accumulation of years of experience, did the climber not make it through the storm.

Nine Climber Dead After Hiking Mountain

In an interview, Richard says that they don’t understand or know why this horrific incident occurred. At the altitude that their base camp was, the dot or extreme winds this team faced were not usual. Richards says that they should have been safe.

In the team, there were four Nepali and five South Korean guides. They had been climbing up Mount Gurja since the beginning of October. They did so in hopes of scaling the mountain on a new route.

There was a sixth Korean climber who was staying at a village in the lower part of the valley, however, due to health problems, he was able to leave and go to a lower portion of the mountain before the storm.