Global Handwashing Day 2018

Today, October 15, is Global Handwashing Day. It’s a day to take a look and maybe feel ashamed about your hygiene practices.

It’s hard for people to admit that when no one is looking, they might not wash their hands properly. It’s not just those using a random bathroom, but according to a July study of NSW hospitals, hospital staff aren’t washing their hands the right way all the time.

Being lazy about your handwashing can come with some harsh consequences. In Austrailia alone, there are more than 4 million cases of food poisonings every year. The Food Safety Infomation Council believes the number could be cut in half.

Below are a few steps on from the council on handwashing techniques:

Make sure to wet your hands and rub them together whether as a way to build up an ample amount of lather with the soap. The suds from the soap help to loosen any infections. One should rub their hands together for at least 20 seconds.

Global Handwashing Day Is Today. Be Sure You Are Following These Tips To Avoid Sickness.

Make sure that you’re also scrubbing between your fingers as well as under your fingernails. Also, be sure to rinse your hands well under running water. Thoroughly dry your hands with a clean towel for at least 20 seconds. Council chair Rachelle Williams says that they suggest for you to sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ as a means of keeping time.

There are also posters available from the council to post in your home. There are also child friends versions available.

Though uncommon, there are plenty of studies on rigorous hand washing techniques. Research suggests that one in four people don’t wash their hands everytime they go to or use the bathroom. And for those that do wash their hands, about 5 percent are doing so incorrectly.