Kemari Averett Threatens To Kill Girlfriend

Kemari Averett who plays tight end for Louisville is currently facing charges for putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head. He also was threatening to kill her. Averett has been suspended from his team.

He is in Louisville Metro Jail on a $10,000 bond. The 20-year-old sophomore pleaded not guilty and will face a judge during his hearing on Oct. 26. His charges include first-degree wanton endangerment and fourth-degree assault.

According to police records, Averett’s laptop was missing from his backpack. On Sunday night, he and his girls had been studying. However, the young woman did not know that he was missing his laptop.

Kemari Averett In Jail For Threatening To Kill Girlfriend

The citation goes on to say that Averett approached her can and put a gun right up to her head. He then tells her that he will shoot the car. Also, that his people would be looking for her. Witnesses to the incident say that Averett was pulling on her hair as he had the gun up to her temple.

The report claims that Averett is the father of the woman’s baby. However, he denies that he is. He allegedly gave the woman a baby outfit and ultrasounds pictures that she had given to him previously.

Coach Bobby Petrino says that his suspension is indefinite. Also, that he is banned from being anywhere near the team’s facility as well as activities. Petrino says that his team continues to strive to develop a culture of accountability that everyone in our program must live up to.

Vince Tyra, the athletic director for the team, feels the same as Petrino. He says that the school has high expectations for all of their students and they will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct. Kemari Averett is 6-foot-7 and weighs 267 pounds. He was able to catch eight passes for 65 years and two touchdowns in a matter of six games. Louisville is currently 2-5.