Train In India Derails, Killing Over 50 People

Today, more than 50 people lost their lives after a train plowed through revelers gathering on the outskirts of Amritsar, India. They were Celebrating the Hindu holiday, Dussehra, which marks the triumph of good over evil.

India To Mourn Those Killed During Train Derailing During Celebration

According to witnesses of the tragic event, the booming of the fireworks and the celebrations that were going on may have been the reason many did not hear the train.

There are posts on Twitter showing flames slapping at a massive effigy of the demon king Ravana. As spectators look on, some of their phones recording, the locomotive comes.


Train Derails In India, Killing At Least 50 People

Reuters reports that the locomotive was traveling fast. Currently, the exact death toll is unclear. The Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh says that some people are saying 50 are dead while others say 60. Either way, many people were injured. He says that the government is going to pay for all costs due to the train wreck.

On Saturday, in the city of Punjab, they will conduct a state of mourning for those dead from the crash. In Delhi, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi was tweeting photos of the occasion. One out later, he was tweeting out condolences.

His posts were to the tune of, “Extremely saddened by the train accident in Amritsar, and “The tragedy is heart-wrenching.”

At the time of his post, Modi was also asking officials for help. Singh then tweeted that about $6,800 will be given to the families of those dead and that the people with injuries will receive medical care of no charge.

India has one of the longest rail systems in the world. There were have been around 600 rail accidents within the last five years, and close to half of them were due to the train derailing.