Cardi B Donates To Those In Need

Cardi B is known to shine her light on word some way or another. Especially, when the world can seem so bleak. One look at her Instagram account and you can see why we say this. However, this week, the rapper chose to go over and beyond in a very special way. She chose to hit the streets of her hometown and give out hundreds of coats and shoes to those in need.

According to a local news station, on Thursday Cardi was at a housing complex in Gravesend, New York, the Marlboro house. A huge crowd was there to greet her. They were also able to snap some photos and with the rap star. Cardi could not believe how huge the turnout was.

Cardi B Goes Back To Old Neighborhood And Donated Clothes and Shoes

She told reporters that she didn’t know that the event was going to be so big. She says that her friend Chuck gave her the idea to hand out coats to those in her neighborhood. So her answer was, “I’m pulling out, what’s up?'” However, Billboard says that some of the coats and shoes came from organizations such as NY Tent Sale, Trax NYC, and Daniel’s Leather.

Friends of Cardi B help set up the event, and she was sure to make it out. Though she was four hours late due to a scheduled photo shoot, she was still able to make an appearance. There are videos circulating the net showing her at the event, giving support to those truly in need. In the video, she says that you have to support the people who support you.

On her Instagram, she made a post thanking everyone for braving the cold in order to see her. Also, that it will not be the last time they see her out and about doing good deeds.