Happy Meals No Longer On Value Menu

Reports from McDonald’s may have some sad rather than happy. According to the burger franchise, they will no longer have their Happy Meals on their nationwide value menu. What this means is that there will be about a 25 percent hike in its price.

It was last January that the fast-food chain added their Happy Meals to their new “$1 $2 $3 Menu”. For the first time, it meant that one of their highly sought for food items was on a value menu. Happy Meals were $3 each for the past ten months.

Nationwide, Happy Meals will cost around 25 percent more. This information comes from an industry trade publication from QSR magazine. However, some people will have the opportunity to purchase the kid-themed meals at other locations for the discount.

No More Happy Meals On Value Menu At McDonald’s

According to a spokesperson from McDonald’s, they created the “$1 $2 $3 Menu ” as a way to give their customers better value. The intentions were to be able to rotate the menu items on and off over a specified period. Some stores may offer different variations to the menu. They do so to suit the preferences of their local customers. Though the Happy meal will no longer be advertised nationally on the $1 $2 $3 Menu, there are still locations that will of their meal for $3.

Representatives for the franchise did not immediately respond to a request for more information on the changes.

On Tuesday, McDonald’s was able to top their earnings estimates. They were able to post that their same-store sales increased 2.4 percent at their U.S. locations. Though they have been facing some fierce competition from other fast-food rivals, they were able to turn sales promotions and renovations to bring back customers. Their menu prices have gone up 2 percent within the last

Menu prices rose about 2 percent in McDonald’s most recent quarter.