Kobe Bryant Jokes About Returning To The Lakers

After Kobe Bryant retired, the Lakers were able to gain LeBron James as a team member. Unfortunately, they have yet to win a game with him on their team.

Fans all across the board are slightly panicking over the futility of the team. There has also been drama on the court. During the last game, a fight broke out leading to multiple suspensions.

The only way things could get any wilder is Kobe Bryant came out of retirement. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he joked with the host about considering doing just that!

Kimmel goes on to ask Bryant how many loses in a row it would take for him to come out of retirement. He asks if they were to lose 20 games would he at least think about coming back.

Kobe On Kimmel Lives Jokes About Un-retiring and Coming Back To The Lakers

Kobe responds, telling Kimmel that if they go 0-5 he may think about un-retiring.

If Kobe meant his words, that would make for big news! So, as a fan himself, Kimmel was sure to double-check to see if his Bryant was being serious or facetious.

Kimmel goes on to ask if he’ll really think about it, to which Kobe responds, no.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bryant doesn’t want to jump back into the game. It would create a lot of drama. Also, it’s been some time since he last played seriously. Bryant claims to be a storyteller. With that in mind, all storytellers know the best stories have great endings. During his final game, he was able to score 60 points, thus erasing all of the past struggles from previous games during his final years.

All in all, the lakers are going to have to get their heads back in the game. Bryant isn’t looking to save any team, anytime soon.