Electric Wire Kills Eight Elephants in India

A sagging electric wire was the cause of death for seven elephants on Friday in Odisha’s Dhenkanal. The deaths of these elephants is the highest casualty of elephants at one time in the country.

There was a herd of thirteen elephants passing the Sadar Forest range when seven of them came in contact with down power line. Included in the deaths were a tusker and five females. Their carcasses were found villagers in the area. They were able to contact forest officials.

Though there were three carcasses on a nearby road, the other four were found inside a canal. According to officials, the herd was moving toward a nearby field. Other officials say that the forest department was aware that because of the animals, the wire to be 17 to 18 feet high. The number averages that there are around 80 elephant deaths a year. Majority of the deaths occur due to train accidents, poaching, electrocution, and poisoning.

Electric Wire Case Of Death For Elephants In India


For some time, rail tracks have become death traps to these pachyderms. Earlier in the spring, a speeding train was the cause of death to four elephants in the Jhaesugua district. According to data from between 1987 and 2010, just crossing a railroad track was the cause of death for 150 elephants. Wildlife experts say that when it comes to the world, India has the highest number of accidents involving elephants. Wildlife workers have been writing Minister Piyush Goyal for a while now. They want him to do something about the problem, even listing possible solutions.

As a means to reduce elephant deaths due to train tracks, Rail has a plan called ‘Plan Bee’, The new initiative will make sure that there are measures in place that help prevent elephants from approaching railway lines. They will do so by setting up devices that emit a sound similar to buzzing bees. The devices will be near railways to deter the elephants from coming any closer.