Bride Finds Botfly Growing Under Skin

While spending her honeymoon in Belize, a bride, after returning to her Florida home, learned that she had picked up a bug during her and her husband’s trip.

For two months, the 36-year-old bride didn’t notice anything different for about two months. At first, she thought there was a pimple on the left side of her groin. She thought it might be an insect bite due to it itching. However, she went to see a doctor anyway.
Her doctors thought a spider might have bitten her.

Unfortunately, the antibiotics she was taking didn’t make the problem go away, so she went to another doctor.

The next doctor saw that the skin around lesion was hard and leaking pus. He was worried that it might be a lymph node infection. However, after speaking with a surgeon, he concluded that the lump was alive!

Bride Learns That A Bot Fly Was Growing Under Her Skin Near Groin

Ok, so not the lump, but what was in the lump was alive. After surgery, they were able to reveal that there was a deeply embedded magot living under her skin.

The creature was the larva of a human botfly. Human botflies are common in Central and South America. After human botflies lay their eggs, the tine larvae make their homes in human skin. They feed of skin tissue and flesh. Soon, a hole will form which allows for the insect to breathe, getting bigger as the bug grows. In some instances, patients can feel the larvae moving about.

After a month to three months, the larvae drop to the ground and matures into an adult botfly. These flies are around the same size as a bumble bee. The Florida woman was not happy to learn that an insect was growing under her skin. However, after it’s extraction, her wound did heal within a week.