Russian Scientist Stabs Partner In Antarctica

A Russian scientist is now in police custody after stabbing a colleague who kept giving away the endings to books. The stabbing is the first of it’s kind to occur on the continent of Antarctica.

For months, Sergey Savitsky was using literature as his way to pass the time while being at Bellingshausen Station on King George Island. However, his colleague, Oleg Beloguzov, would continuously make it hard for him.

According to reports from The Sun, he kept telling Sergey the endings of the books he was reading.

On Oct. 9, 55-year-old Sergey had had enough! He chose to plunge a kitchen knife into Oleg’s chest, wounding part of his heart.

Officials had to fly Oleg to the nearest hospital which is in Chile. Doctors expect him to survive his wounds.

Russian Scientist Stabs Partner In Antarctica For Telling Him The Ending Of Books

Previously, the men had spent four years together working at the facility in freezing conditions. Authorities say that it wasn’t just the reading dispute that caused for the stabbing. The Russian scientist had been working with Oleg in close confinement in the camp.

According to Alexander Klepikov, deputy director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, the two men are professional scientists who have spent many years at the station. He hopes the investigation will figure out the cause of the conflict.

Sergey is now in St. Petersburg, Russia, facing charges of attempted murder. Though he did admit to the stabbing, he claims that it was not his intent to kill his partner.

The station was set up by the Soviets back in 1968. The location of the station is in one of Antarctica’s milder regions. Fortunately,  the winter temperatures remain around 15 degrees. Workers can use either exercise at the gym, flip between two Russian TV channels, or read in the research library.