Polish Man Kept As Slave For Four Years

A British couple found themselves under arrest after it came to officials attention that they were enslaving a Polish man in a shed in their backyard. He has been there for four years. They were subjection him to terrible conditions as well as forcing him to work for them.

The could live in Chilworth in the south country, approximately 65 miles southwest of London.

According to the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), the couple was detained on suspicion of having a slave.
The Polish man was able to escape to a health center. There, he told the staff there that he was being forced to work for meals. The staff was able to alert authorities about the situation. He went on to say that he did not have access to a flushing toilet. Also, that he was sleeping on a plastic sun bed inside a concrete shed.

Polish Man Kept In Shed As Slave

According to the Polish man, there is no heat inside the shed. However, there was a fridge for him to use as well as a barbecue. Due to his living conditions, he had become unwell and frail. He is currently receiving support from the government.

A spokesman for GLAA says that the victim is in a program that helps victims of modern slavery as well as human trafficking.

Tony Byrne, a senior investigating officer with GLAA, says that they are very happy that the mean is receiving the help and support he desperately needs.

The suspects are no longer in jail. However, the investigation is ongoing.

So far, this is the second victim in Britain who has been living in a shed due to slavery or human trafficking. It was only last month that a 79-year-old British man was under arrest for forcing a person to live inside a six-foot shed as a slave for 40 years.