Cowboys New Coach Could Bring the Team Back to its Roots

On the 29th of October, Marc Colombo was promoted to offensive line coach for the Dallas Cowboys following Paul Alexander’s firing. Colombo said it’s his goal to bring back some tried and true approaches that worked successfully in the past.

Colombo believes the team has to return to who they were and what they did. He says as an old-school guy, he believes in hard work and grinding every day. His method includes going over every technique and drill repeatedly. Colombo even mentioned his vision to bring violence back to the game. While the new coach admits the players have part of that mentality, he wants to return to their roots.

As the former Cowboys’ tackle who transitioned to coaching back in 2014, Colombo is looking to find the balance between a return to known techniques from past seasons and keeping true to what the team has become during their time under Alexander. His former coach, Hudson Houck, is also helping with this time of transition. Houck returned this week as a consultant.

Changes In Coaching Styles For The Dallas Cowboys

Reflecting on different styles of coaching, Colombo admits that his style varies from Alexander’s, although he admits the former coach did a great job in the NFL for a long time. Colombo hopes to pick up right where the team left off for the past couple of years. Colombo attributes his coaching background to both Bill Callahan and Frank Pollack along with Houck.

The new coach acknowledges the transition from one coaching style to another might prove more difficult for the rookie left guard Conner Williams compared to the more veteran players. The veteran players should return to the old ways with relative ease since Alexander’s method of high-hand, low-hand blocking only existed for a short amount of time.

Fortunately, it seems the players are in good spirits and have taken well to the change in coaches.

Colombo reports the enthusiasm of the linemen during their drill involving the 350-pound bag named “Big Bertha”. Before Alexander took over coaching last offseason, Big Bertha was a staple in their practices to help build anchor strength.

As the new coach, Colombo certainly wants the team to do well, and he can sense the team does too. He hopes that together, they can make the team right once more.