Kidney Removed During Back Surgery

Back in April of 2016, Maureen Pacheco, who was 51 at the time, had her kidney removed accidentally. She was suffering from back pain after a car accident. She was check in to Wellington Regional Medical center by her doctors.

While in the operation room, she says there were no difficulties. However, she left the hospital with only one of her healthy kidneys. Dr. Ramon Vazquez, one of her surgeons, thought her kidney was a cancerous tumor and removed the organ without her consent.

Recently, Pacheco was able to settle a lawsuit against three of the doctors, Dr. John Britt and Dr. Jeffrey Kugler, and Vazquez.

Unfortunately, there is still an ongoing complaint from the Florida Department of Health. According to Pacheco, Vazquez wasn’t even her doctor. His only job was to cut her open so that other doctors were able to perform her back surgery.

Kidney Removal During Surgery Was Accidental

Vazquez currently has an active medical license. According to Pacheco’s attorney, Donald Ward III of Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, PA in West Palm Beach, physicians are alotted second chances.

Also, it is unlikely that he will lose his license for the matter at hand. At most, he will receive a fine and have to continue his medical education. Vazquez will have to pay for the fines out of his own pockets due to him not having malpractice insurance at the time of the incident.

Mike Mittelmark, Vazquez’s attorney, says that his client chose to settle the matter for a nominal amount. However, his client did not admit liability by agreeing to pay Ms. Pacheco.

Pacheco says that she does not wish any ill will against him, she just wants him to learn from his mistake. She says that she is fearful for the possibility of having to go through dialysis or having a kidney transplant.