Cameroon Children and Teacher Kidnapped

On Monday, 42 girls and 36 boys were kidnapped by a gunman as well as their principal, teacher and a driver. Now, the Cameroon children are free; however, their teacher and principal remain captive.

The gunman returned the students and their driver back to the school around 4:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Afterward, a military truck came and brought them to the governor’s office.

According to Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, they are praying for a safe return for those missing. He says that they are praising God for the release of the 78 children and the driver. They do not know who the kidnappers are at the moment; however, they will interview and as the children what they know.

Kidnappers Return Cameroon Children and Driver

Security officers are int he process of questioning the vice principal and another staff member. Forba says that he does not know why they are keeping them for interrogation. No one knows where to point any fingers at this time.

Also, no one is taking responsibility for the abductions. Didier Badjeck, a spokesman for the army, says that the kidnappers are secessionists. He did so referring to the Anglophone separatist fighters who want independence from the Francophone government in Cameroon.
Those denying to have had any parts with the kidnapping are the Ambazonia Defense Forces as well as the Ambazonia Governing Council. They both suggest that the government is a part of the kidnapping scheme.

They believe the reason for the kidnapping was a means to massively distract the attention away from the inauguration of President Paul Biya on Tuesday.

Badjeck, however, says that it was the country’s defense and security forces who were a part of the rescue operation. They were sure to note that it was regional authorities who chose to suspend the movement of non-emergency vehicles to join in on finding the children and adults.