Carmelo Anthony Playing With The Rockets

Many players, as well as members of the Rockets’ coaching staff, don’t think the Carmelo Anthony is coming back to play. Anthony, who is 34, has not played in the last two games due to an “illness,” and he wasn’t with the Rockets while they were in Denver.

They expect Anthony tenure to end. So far, he has only been a part of 10 games, averaging around 13.4 points, and 5.4 rebounds per game. He currently ranks 19th in NBA history, with 25,551 career points under his belt.

Anthony is only signed to a one-year deal for $2.4 million. Houston was hoping for Melo to be the glue to hold the team together. His current spot on the roster will be filled by rookie Gary Clark who is currently on a two-way contract. D’Antoni says that Clark has become one of his favorites. He believes that he is deserving of the play time he has been receiving.

Carmelo Anthony May Not Return To Rockets

After being able to outscore the Pacers by 6, D’Antoni says in a report that Clark is a great player. He does well on defense, rebounding the ball as well as shooting the player.

James Harden, a star on the Rockets, says that he doesn’t have enough information to comment on Anthony’s situation. However, Chris Paul and Harden were the ones who put great efforting in recruiting Anthony during the summer.

Paul says that it’s been great having Carmelo on the team. He says that he is like a brother to him and he’s not listening to the negative information people are saying about him.

However, reporters were asking Paul if he believes that Carmelo will help them get their record back. Chris Pauls answers by saying that Carmelo is a future Hall of Famer. He says that everyone should wait and see what happens.