Guatemala Residents Flee As Volcano Erupts

Currently, thousands of people in the country of Guatemala are in the process of evacuation their homes. The reason for them leaving is due to Volcán de Fuego, or Volcano of Fire. The volcano is erupting again outside the city of Antigua.

This is not the first time this year that there was an eruption from the is a volcano. Back in June, over 100 people lost their lives due to the violent eruption. Not only was the volcano spewing lava, but ash and rocks as well. The debris was falling on different villages in the area.

After the last deadly eruption, different government agencies were under fire for not responding to warning signs in a timely matter. However, some officials say that local residents were given warnings, yet chose to ignore them.

As the volcano continues to erupt, people are evacuating the area. More than 4,000 people are no longer in the danger zone. Over 2000 people are in shelters.

Guatemala Volcano Erupts For The Second Time This Year Causing Residents To Flee The Scene

According to a newspaper in Guatemala, it is up to local community leaders and residents when it comes to making sure people evacuate the area. People were first warned about the volcano on Sunday.

Officials were able to detect lava flows following the evacuations. They were monitoring for hours the volcano’s activity.

During the day on Sunday, the volcano in Guatemala was registering over a dozen or so weak to moderate explosions. The action was concerning to officials in the area.

What was a concern has now become a real risk. The number of eruptions is rising over 3,000 feet about the crater. There is a column of ash stretching more than 3 miles above sea level. There are multiple lava flows. The longest lava flow is over a mile and a half long.