Blac Chyna Endorses Skin Bleaching Cream

Blac Chyna, an American reality TV star is receiving a lot hate mail after announcing that she would be selling skin-lightening cream.
She says that she will be partnering with the beauty line Whitenicious to launch her own face cream. The company describes the collection as an illuminating and brightening cream that lightens skins without bleaching.

The jar comes handcrafted with Swarovski crystals. The cost of one jar is $250.
Dencia, a famous singer in Cameroon is the founder of the company. She has received criticism throughout the years for selling products that bleach skin. However, she defends her products. She says that they are to treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation only.

She did an interview in 2014 with Ebony magazine saying that her products do not contain any bleaching ingredients. Also, that there is no hydroquinone or steroids in her products as well as mercury. According to the World Health Organization, chemicals such as mercury are in skin-lightening products. These particular chemicals can cause liver damage, bacterial, and fungal infection, depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

Blac Chyna Endorses Cream That Bleaches Darker Skin

There are no restrictions when it comes to whiteners in African countries such as Togo and Senegal. However, there are bans on the products in the EU and Korea. Blac Chyna’s choice to endorse the cream has come with a lot of backlashes.

Jackie Aina, a famous Nigerian-American beauty YouTuber was one of the critics. In Tweets, she says the keep this trash out of Nigeria. However, she says that bleaching creams have a negative impact on those with dark skin.

She goes on to say that she saw a few tweets stating for people to learn the difference between bleaching and lightening. Also, there is no difference says the blogger. She says that the company is promoting that lighter skin is better.