Tulsa Looking For Entrepreneurs

Tulsa is in the process of trying to attract people to the city. They are offering people who work from their homes and entrepreneurs $10,000 to move to the area. If the people agree to stay for at least one year, the workers will receive cash stipends and money for rent.

The current Tulsa initiative is only one of the latest efforts to persuade folks to move smaller cities and towns. They want people to move to the smaller cities whether than settling to major metropolitan populations.

Due to the current financial crisis, those cities in the U.S. that are bringing in the dough are also remaining economically dominant. According to a report on economic inequality from the Brookings Institute, information technology is causing a shift in where people to choose to live.

The program goes by the name Tulsa Remote. The George Kaiser Family Foundation is sponsoring the initiative. So far, they have received over 6,000 application since going live with the initiative early this November. Ken Levit is the executive director of GKFF.

The City Of Tulsa Is Willing To Spend A Significant Amount Of Money For People To Move There

According to Levit, the Tulsa Remote is only the beginning for Oklahoma. The community is in the processes of striving to become more vibrant as well as well as more booming on an economic scale. Currently, the unemployment rate in Tulsa is at 3 percent.

In order to qualify for the new initiative, all applicants must be at least 18 years old. Also, they must work with a company that allows them to work remotely. If you are an entrepreneur not living in Tulsa County, you may apply as well. The $10,000 stipend will cover moving expenses, $500 a month for help cover rent, as well as $1,500 after living in the city for one year. Levit says there are other benefits that make the offer even more exciting. People will also receive an extra 300 a month for their rental assistance.