Hang Gliding Incident In Switzerland

A man from Florida was vacationing in Switzerland and wanted to go hang gliding. Unfortunately, the pilot forgot to attach the man to the aircraft. The man had to clutch onto his glider by his bare hands for over two minutes while being 4,000 feet in the air.

Chris Gursky shared about the incident on Youtube under “Swiss Mishap” on Nov. 26. Since then, the clip has gone viral. He captions the video by saying his first time hang gliding had an unexpected twist once he left the ground.

Gursky says that for 2 minutes, 14 seconds, he had to hand on for his life. In the video footage, you can see him hanging on to his glider as the aircraft takes off and crashes. He not only tore his left bicep tendon but will also need surgery on his wrist.

However, Gursky seems to be in good spirits after the endeavor. He says that he will hang-gliding again since he did not have the chance to enjoy his first flight.

Man Almost Loses Life To Hang Gliding Incident

Though he may be ok, the president of the Swiss Hang Gliding Association is not. He describes the ordeal as being horrifying. Christian Boppart, the president of the SHGA, says that the incident was a fundamental mistake. He says that though it was tragic, they are happy that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Boppart says that the mistake that he saw in the video is something that you learn during your first hour of training. He goes on to tell reporters that for that reason, it makes it hard to understand how the mistake could have happened.

Switzerland’s Federal Office of Aviation is handling the hang gliding situation. They will continue to investigate and possibly suspend the pilot’s license.

One comment on the clip was saying that they were happy that Gursky was ok.