Christmas Lights Costing Man $2,000 A Day

Some people like to go all out for Christmas when it comes to decorating. Not as much as one man, though, whose hometown is ordering him to either pay up or take down his lights.

Tom Apruzzi, of New Jersey, has been lighting up his house and land, as well as his neighborhood around 15 years now.

However, Officials in don’t look forward to his set up. They say that he either has to pay $2,000 a day or take everything down.

The reason for the ultimatum was due to town members complaining to police. Apruzzi’s light show contains over 70,000 lights. The main complaints were due to the extra traffic. According to news outlets, with there being additional traffic, there now has to be more police on duty to control the area.

Mans Christmas Light Show Costing Him $2,000 A Day To Pay Police Officers Patroling Block

The town of Old Bridge, New Jersey wants Apruzzi to foot the bill for the extra police on duty.

Apruzzi, on the other hand, says that fee is bureaucratic baloney. Also, that the First Amendment protects his rights to have them.
He is currently using an online fundraiser to ask for help to pay the officers. However, he says that he cannot raise enough funds to pay the police, he will continue on with the show on Saturday.

On his GoFundMe campaign, it cites that the city is also making Apruzzi shuttle people into the neighborhood. The shuttle begins at their local school. It goes on to say that it will cost him and his family $1,000 a night to shuttle the people in.

Apruzzi begins setting his display up in September. Over the years, he was able to accumulate around $100,000 worth of items since the beginning. Those who visit can donate to help keep it running or other local causes.