Netherlands Man Looking To Change His Age

Emilie Ratleband, age 69, though that age was just a number, however a court in the Netherlands did not agree with him. He tried to argue that temporal existence was the same as being gender fluid. He says that he feels as though he is 49 years old and wanted to be legally considered so.

However, some people believe that Ratleband was looking for attention to boost his lifestyle coaching career. He says that he was losing revenue because of his age and people wanting more youthful looking coaches.

In response to the accusations, Ratleband says they are hogwash. He says that he is a serious businessman and author who is only defending what he believes to be true. He says that he has experienced age discrimination on the same level as someone receiving discrimination due to being a transgender person.

Netherlands Man Wanting To Change Legal Age Loses In Court

So he feels that it should be up to him to legally determine his age.

Unfortunately, Ratleband wasn’t able to provide enough claims of age discrimination to the court. However, the court did agree that he was free to act whatever age he feels. Amending the date of his birth would cause for 20 years of records to vanish. Doing so would be cause for many undesirable legal and societal implications.

According to reports, the judges were laughing like children when the case about his age first came up. However, after delivering an inspirational speech about modern society freeing its self from false gods, religion, and government, they were more receptive to the idea.

The man from the Netherlands has come up with possible solutions to his legal battle. He says that birth certificates could carry a birth age and a perceived age. He is looking to appeal the court’s ruling within the next three months.