Jason Momoa To Host SNL Dec. 8th

Jason Momoa is currently living his dream. Currently, the actor is starring in “Aquaman” as well as having a leading role on Netflix’s “Frontier.” He is also to direct his second film, soon.

However, one of his most impressive projects is hosting on “Saturday Night Live,” and he is ready. His episode will air on December 8th. In a recent interview, he says when it comes to life experiences, hosting SNL comes after marrying his wife, Lisa Bonet, and having his kids.

Though he hasn’t seen his performance in “Aquaman,” he plans to with his family. He says that when he was making his film, his children were on set. They are currently 10 and 11. He feels that it will be the coolest thing in the world to watch the film with them.
Momoa said he’s yet to watch “Aquaman,” but plans to with his family.

Jason Momoa Looks Forward To Hosting SNL This Upcoming Saturday

Momoa says that though he has been successful recently, he is happy just to be working. He says that it feels good to be working and wants it to continue. He says that it is scary because as an actor, you a usually without work for a while. Though the “Aquaman” takes place in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, he did not have to film any scenes while being underwater.

In the interview, Jason says that there was no way that he would do the film entirely underwater. He says that people spray him and the other actors down so that they are half wet. However, the dry from wet sequences are all CGI.

Jason Momoa is a native of Hawaii and says that he tries to live by the Aloha mantra. He says that he tries to be as kind as possible to others. Also, that he puts his heart in anything he does and tries to be as honest as possible.