Picture Shows Signs Of Daughter’s Leukemia

It wasn’t until after taking a picture of their 3-year-old daughter did one couple find out she was suffering from a deadly disease. Dad Dave Fletcher, 39, felt as though he was just capturing a cute moment of his daughter Izzy falling asleep while at a playground.

However, a few weeks later, Dave and his wife Vicky, 37, were mortified to find out that their daughter’s sleepiness was a sign that she had leukemia.

Since initial diagnosis, she has undergone 570 does of chemo. She now receives maintenance therapy to stop cancer from coming back.

According to Fletcher, he thought his daughter was only nodding off before taking the picture. Now, he wants other parents to look for the signs that he was missing. He says that they were spending time, like they normally do, at the park swinging away.  Fletcher says that he didn’t think much of her sleepiness. He says that it was only after did he realize that it was a part of her symptoms of the disease.

Picture Leads To Leukemia Diagnosis In Child

Izzy had been experiencing colds and viruses, as well as bruising on her legs. However, her parents were figuring that it was a regular part of being a child. He says they get sentimental looking at pictures of her before her illness. They can’t believe she’s going through all of this at such a young age.

Izzy first went to the doctor last January for a strange rash that was on her leg. Doctors wanted them to come back in a few days for blood tests if the rash did not leave. Also, to take her to the hospital if it got worse.

Unfortunately, the next day, the rash on her leg spread, and she was running a temperature. Her parent took her to the hospital right away.

There, they told them that she was suffering from leukemia and that she was to begin chemotherapy the next week.