Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Chokes Pregnant Woman

Police and officials for the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently investigating a fight that broke out during Sunday night’s game. A male Steelers fan choked a pregnant Los Angeles Chargers fan.

There are photos of the incident circulating the web showing a man at the stadium with his hands around a woman’s neck. Daniel Minshew was able to identify the woman as his wife, Deb Bryan. She is currently six months pregnant with their first child.

In an interview, Bryan says that his wife accidentally pushed him into a rail. He looks up and says he sees a man swinging his fists.

He says that his wife has discoloration on her neck from the incident. Also, that there are several bruises on her body. According to Bryan, no one from security came to help them. She says that they saw her heading their way but did nothing to stop the wild man.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Chokes And Harrases Fan From Other Team

Daniel says that it was a fiasco. Also, that he could not believe that the security or police officers did anything to stop the fight.

News stations have reached out to the Steelers and Heinz Field on the incident and the lack of response from security. So far, they have not replied with an answer.

However, Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten said in a statement that they strive to make events as safe as possible at the Heinz Field. He went on to say that the behaviors in the photos and videos are unacceptable, and they do not condone such actions on their property. They are in the process of working with the Pittsburgh Police to determine if they need to press charges. They want to be sure that whoever was the aggressor is not permitted back to their stadium.