Hippo Attacks Woman In Africa

While on a wildlife tour in Africa with her a husband, a woman was attacked by a hippo. The couple was on a canoe safari on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. A guide saw the hippo on the right side of the river and instructed all gusts to paddle away from the animal.

However, as they were paddling away, a hippo came from underneath the canoe. After capsizing the boat, the hippo began to attack the woman, pulling her underwater.

Luckily, the head guide on the tour was able to pull on to the river bank. He then began to administer first aid to the woman. A helicopter had to be airlift Kristen to the nearest hospital.

The couple are residents of Odessa, Florida, Kirsten, and Ryan Yaldor. Ryan’s mother, Martine Yaldor, was able to confirm the details of the incident.

Hippo Attacks Woman While On Canoe Excursion

A source close to the family says that it was Kristen’s 37th birthday. Kristen was sitting in the front seat of the canoe, and her husband was in the back. When the hippo came out of the water and hit the canoe, Ryan was flipped towards the island, and his wife was thrown towards the wild animal.

Ryan was able to swim to the shore in under 30 seconds. However, once on shore he saw that his wife’s leg was in the mouth of the hippo. Kristen was able to punch the animal several times in the face, causing it to finally release her. She then was able to swim to the shore to her husband. It a helicopter 45 minutes to reach the couple.

Kristen suffered a fracture to her right femur and had to have dead tissue removed from her leg. The couple had no idea that it was calving season and that a baby hippo was in the area. The mother was protecting her calf.

According to those at Wild Horizons, the reason it took so long for anyone to come is that the guides’ cellphones were not working while on land.