Father Shows Chrissy Teigen love With New Tat

Most people get people flowers or coffee mugs as gifts. Some may go further and grab someone a new outfit or tickets to a concert. However, the father of Chrissy Teigen thought that a face tattoo was the right choice for his daughter’s gift.

Her dad, Ron Teigen, chose to get a giant portrait of his daughter’s face on his arm for the model and cookbook author’s 33rd birthday. Her birthday was November 30th.

On her Instagram page, she commented on the photo saying, ” MY DAD GOT A TATTOO OF ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY.” There was a picture to go with it. In the picture, it shows her dad showing of the tat with an identical picture.

She also was thanking the tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney, who was the one responsible for doing the tat for her father. Plenty of people on the post were congratulation her and applauding her father. Some of those giving congratulations were Kim Kardashian West, Katie Couric, and of course her husband, John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen’s Father Gets A Tattoo Of Her Face On His Arm

Many people are familiar with Crissy’s mom, Vilailuck Teigen. She makes frequent appearances on her daughter’s social media accounts. However, her father is usually in the backgrounds.

Though Tiegen’s mother lives in the house the Crissy and children Luna and Miles, her father lives in a house that’s right around the corner.

Crissy says that he comes over to her house every day and that her parents are married. She says that it works for them. Crissy also says that they are a very close family.

Though Legend hasn’t gotten a tattoo of his wife on his body, he did give her a special shout out on social media. According to reports, they celebrated Teigen’s birthday while in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.