Lorne Michaels Pledges To Help Pete Davidson

Lorne Michaels, the head honcho at “Saturday Night Live” has chosen to not air any sketches with Pete Davidson after his posts on Instagram.

According to sources, Michaels wants Pete to take a break on the show. He says that he will help him in any way that he can. He’s even willing to send Pete to go and get help.

Davidson should be able to return back on the show during the New Year when it comes back on the air.

Lorne Michaels made the decision to do away with Davidson’s sketches after reading posts from him talking about not wanting to be on this earth anymore. Pete went on today that he’s doing the best he can to stay here, however, he does not know how much longer he can be here.

Lorne Michaels Looking To Help Pete Davidson After Suicide Scare

His post prompted officials at NYPD to conduct a wellness check at the studios where they hose SNL. Davidson’s ex, Ariana Grande came to the studio to see him; however, Pete had no interest in seeing her.

Pete was only able to introduce Miley Cyrus, Mark Ronson and Sean Lennon on the Saturday’s show.

The only other time he was on the show that night was during a pre-taped sketch where he was playing Rami Malek.
Instead of staying for the after party, Pete chose to leave the studios with his friend Machine gun Kelly.

On his Instagram, MGK made a post saying, “I’m on the plane now on the way to see Pete. gonna make sure he’s good, I promise. can’t have my boy in the darkness like that.”

Since his break up with Ariana, his now living with his mom Amy. Back in 2016, Davidson entered himself into a treatment program. However, in Septemeber of this year, he was speaking to Howard Stern about how he was smoking and drinking again. Also, that he has borderline personality disorder.