Neo-Nazi Couple Behind Bars In Britain

A neo-Nazi Britsh couple who were in the news for naming their son after Adolf Hitler are now behind bars. The two will be spending several years in prison due to them having ties with a terrorist group.

22-year-old Adam Thomas will be spending six years and six months in prison. His girlfriend, Claudia Patatas, 38, will spend five years in prison.

Both Thomas and Patatas are in jail for being members of National Action, a far-right neo-Nazi organization in the United Kingdom that was banned in 2016. Judge Melbourne Inman QC, was their judge.

He says that the group’s objectives are to over the democracy of the UK. They aim to do so by conducting severe violence as well as murder.

Neo-Nazi Couple Find Themselves Behind Bars In Britain For Conducting Terrorist Acts

Thomas and Patatas weren’t very good at hiding who there were. According to prosecutors, one was working as a security guard for Amazon, and the other was a wedding photographer. However, they were both fond of preaching neo-Nazi beliefs wherever and whenever. Their son’s middle name is Adolf. The two admired the German dictator with that name who was behind the killings of millions of Jews during World War II.

Inside there home were couch cushions with swastikas on them, pastry cutters in the shape of the symbol, as well as machetes. There were also crossbows and knives.

There also pictures of the couple on social media with them holding their son while displaying a flag that had a swastika on it.  A quick google search will show pictures of Thomas holding his son while in Ku Klux Klan robe.

According to officials, the two wanted to bring back concentration camps. Also, that Thomas had told someone else that is a part of the National Action group that all Jews must be put to death.