Brain Tumor Disappears Overnight

A girl from Texas was told that she had a brain tumor that was inoperable. However, it seems as if the tumor has vanished in thin air!

Back in June, 11-year-old Roxli Doss and her parents found out that she was suffering from diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma or DIPG. DIPG is a tumor that’s on more on the aggressive side. Before coming to doctors, her first sign of anything wrong was the constant headaches.

Her father, Scott Doss, says that it went from her having constant headaches to nausea and then double vision. After seeing many doctors, it was the news from the neurologist that shook up the family’s world. According to Scott, it was the worst news ever.

Dr. Virgina Harrod, who works at the Dell Children’s Medical Center says that though DIPG is, whenever she has seen it, it has been devasting.

Brain Tumor In 11-Year-Old Disappears Over Night, Doctors And Family In Shock

As the illness goes throughout your body, you start to lose the ability to swallow. Being able to speak decreases as wells as vision loss comes about.

While Roxli was going through radiation to shrink the tumor, hour community was rallying behind her. In August, the community of Buda held a benefit for Roxli and her family. At that, they were praying for a miracle.

Dr. Harrod says that she could not believe what she was seeing on Roxli’s MRI scan. The MRI was not able to detect the brain tumor.

Doctors have no answer to why the tumor is no longer there.
Her father, however, doesn’t want to question it. He says that they are happy that she is doing well and want to everything one day at a time.

To be sure that the brain tumor stays away, Roxli will continue to go through immunotherapy.