Holiday Candy That People Can Do Without

When it comes to the holiday, everyone looks forward to the many treats available. However, people have come up with a list of the worst holiday treats.

According to the people at, there are some treats a lot of Americans don’t look forward to when the season rolls around.

Clair Robins, who works for says that the company projects $2 Billion in Christmas candy sales this season. When it comes to candy, Christmas candy is the most popular. However, popularity doesn’t mean that everyone is in favor of the different choices.
They did a survey that included 13,000 customers who were able to rank their Christmas favorites from best to worst. On their blog, the left comments from the surveyors.

When speaking on the peppermint bark, which came in fourth place, on customer said that at their home they call it Grinch vomit. While speaking on reindeer corn, which came in second, another customer said that if people don’t like it during Halloween, then why would they during Christmas.

When It Comes To Holiday Candy, There Are Many That Folks Can Do With Out

However, worst criticism came from the No. 1 most disliked candy on their list: Christmas Tree Nougat.

Robin was saying that people thought everything about the candy were wrong. They say that it looks like a poker chip that you can only cash in for sadness.
One customer was saying that the way they stick to your teeth make them unbearable. Also, that it takes to long to truly taste the flavor of the candy.

While speaking on the nougat, the words weren’t any kinder.
One commenter says that no one even eats the candy. They go on to say that the feel like nougat gnomes come around to collect the candy to sell for the next year.