Chris Paul Injures Hamstring, Out For Two Weeks

Chris Paul has a pretty good record when it comes to his years in the NBA. Not only is he a top contender, but fans look forward to seeing him step out on the court every a season. He was able to make it into the Western Conference finals last season. However, the Rockets aren’t where they want to be this current season. Right now, they are 16-15 and eight in the Western Conference. To make matter worse, Chris Paul, one of their all-star players, will be missing out on some game time.

While playing against the Heat last Thursday, the young player had an injury over to his hamstring. While playing with the Rockets, Chris Paul, 33, has missed a total of 29 games with his team. Unfortunately, it’s looking like he will miss even more. The team will be playing the Warriors soon, and they desperately need him, but won’t have him. The last time they were up against the Warriors during the Conference playoffs, they fell just shy of winning the 2017 NBA Finals.

Christ Paul Missing Vital Games Due To Injuries

But that’s not the icing on the cake. The Rockets are paying Chris Paul a considerable sum of money. His next player option isn’t until 2021, and at that time he will be 36. Paul has been Rocket since 2017’s offseason as a way to be a standout team. He was able to live up to the staple. They were able to play Golden State seven times during the Western Conference. However, it’s becoming a problem having Paul off the court for his many injuries.

Raja Bell who does a podcast by the name of “Off the Bench” had much today about the Rockets with gues Brady Quin. The duo was mainly speaking on their concern for the Rockets when it comes to playing the Spurs tonight. Bell believes that Paul’s contract is a concern for the organization who runs the Rockets. With all of his previous injuries, and now his current one, it may be time re-evaluate his contract.