Knife-Wielding Man Kills 8 People in China

Today was a sad day for the people of China. Eight people lost their lives, and 20 more are recieving treatment after a bus attack. A man wielding a knife hijacked a bus and drove it into traffic. According to state media reports, the incident occurred in a southeastern Chinese city.

The city in question was Longyan in Fujian Province. The attack began at 3 p.m. when most folks are heading home from work. According to reports from the Beijing News, a government-run paper, witnesses to the event say that bus wasn’t the only place the attacks were occurring. The bus ran into a taxi, a car, and three motor scooters.

There are several graphic videos of the aftermath circling Chinese social media. Onlookers could see bodies lying in the street and some pinned under the bus.

Man Shakes Up City In China After Taking Over Bus With Knife

On one of the videos, you could see a man wrestling with several police officers as they bring him down. Fortunatley, reports indicate that someone is in custody for the bus incident. China’s state broadcaster, CCTV, says that the suspect was a man who was going through many disputes with local government officials. Also, that he does not have a job.

People’s Daily was saying that the man was able to take control of the bus with a knife. As he was driving the bus, he ran over pedestrians and other vehicles.

Longyan, which is a small, quiet city was full of commotion today. Many residents were in shock over the incident.

When it comes to knife attacks, they aren’t unusual in a country with strict gun control laws. The past June, there was a knife attack in Shanghai where two children were killed. Also, in October, over a dozen kindergartners were injured by a woman with a knife.