Pedialyte Offering New Hangover Drink

Most people know Pedialyte to be a drink for children. However, they are offering a new sparkling beverage just for parents.

The new drink is called Sparkling Rush and comes in a powder packet. Currently, there are two flavors available, cherry or grape. IOnce added by water, and it turns into a fizzy drink that helps to replenish the body of electrolytes due to hydration. On the packet, it says to add one packet of the substance for every 16 o.z. of cold water.

According to Pedialyte, the powder is clear and free of artificial coloring. Also, the substance has a great taste. For years now, the company has subtly been targeting adults who go through having hangovers in the commercials and advertisements. During 2016, the number of adults drinking Pedialyte rose by 60 percent.

However, on the site, it clearly states that their drink is not a cure for a hangover. They say that it can help when it comes to dehydration that may occur after having few alcoholic beverages.

Pedialyte Has A New Drink For Those Who Have Hangovers

When it boils down to it, there is no cure out there for hangovers. The best way to avoid the feeling is not to drink so much. On the site, it goes on to say that instead of allowing your self to feel horrible the next day, drink their product.

Also on the Pedialyte web page, it states that “Pedialyte is not a hangover cure, but alcohol is a diuretic — which means the more alcohol you drink, the more you pee. And if you don’t replace the fluids you’ve lost, then even a couple of drinks at happy hour, or a few glasses of wine at book club, may lead to dehydration (which can contribute to you feeling extra terrible),”

They go on to say that if you are sleepy with a headache, or are experiencing any other signs of dehydration, drink the new Pedialyte drink to feel better.