Portland Hotel Being Suied For Discrimination

There was a racial incident in Portlan at one of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel’s that are leaving two of their employees without a job. The two employees chose to call the cop on a black guest for trespassing. However, he did have a card for his room, but he had went into the lobby to make a call to his mother.

The two Portland employees at the hotel are accused of racially profiling the man. The incident was Dec. 22. Massy chose to post a video of the event to his Instagram page where you could see his hotel key. In the video, he was complying with the officers. Officers were there to help him retrieve his items before leaving.

Man Suing Portland Hotel For Discrimination And Eviction From The Hotel

In a statement from the company, they stat the employees working at the time no longer work for the company. They do not believe that their actions upheld the stands and values that they hold dear. They say that they sincerely apologize to the man and will rok diligently, so it never happens again.
In the video, you can hear the security guard telling him that the police will be there soon to escort him from the building. However, Massy says that he wasn’t going anywhere.

According to Reuter, the names of the employees have not been released.

The identities of the security guard and manager were not released, according to Reuters.

They Mayor Portland says that he could not believe what as happening.
ON Twitter, he said that now deserves this type of treatment. He goes on to say that he hopes this tragedy will make for better regulations with the company when it comes to diversity.

However, Massey is going to sue the company over his eviction from the hotel.