New York Giants and Eli Manning

It is evident that the New York Giants will be wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on their team next season. However, it’s in the air for quarterback Eli Manning.

Dave Gettleman, the general manager for the Giants, chose to decline any comments on Manning. Manning, who’s 38th birthday is on Thursday has only one year left on his current contract.

When the question came up to if Manning was going to return to the Giants, Gettleman says that his commitment relies on making the best decision for the team as a whole. He says that they are currently in an evaluation process.

The New York Giants May Not Be Keeping Eli Manning On Their Roster

Beckham has signed on to a five-year deal with the Giants. His contract could be worth almost $95 million. However, due to a quad injury, Beckham has only been able to play 12 games due to a quad injury. There has already been talk of taking him off the bench for the remainder of the season.

The only thing that isn’t certain is if Beckham will be catching any passes from Manning next year. If the team keeps Manning on, it is not a decision that will strictly come from Gettleman. The organization as a whole will make the decision.

Manning was able to finish the season with 15 turnovers and a total of 22 touchdowns. Though the first half of the season wasn’t the best for Eli, the second half was better for him. All it took was for the offensive line to work better as a team. Thirteen of his 21 touchdown passes all came during the second half of the games. Currently, he has a 66.0 percent completion percentage.

Though his position on the team seems to be up in the air, it is also looking like he will return.