Teen With Rare Disease Now Blind

Currently, a teen is fighting for their life with a medical condition, and no one knows the name. Unfortunately, the mystery illness has left Jordyn Walker, 15, blind.

According to reports from news sites, the symptoms began with her having stomach pains and bloody stools. Then, body parts began to swell. After running tests, doctors sent her home telling her she had a sinus infection. However, soon, Jordyn lost her sense of taste and smell.

Her mother, Kendyll Walker, says that all of her tests came back normal. They were just as flabbergasted as the doctors. However, things began to look up for the young teen and her family.

There was a point in time where the illnesses seemed to be subsiding. Doctors were telling her that there was a one in a million chance that it would ever happen again. Sadly, two weeks before Christmas, the medical mystery came back, and it was worse than before.

Jordyn says that her face was turning purple and bruising. For her mother, it was terrifying not knowing what was going on with her daughter.

Teen With Rare Disease Now Blind And Doctors Do Not Know Why

After the incident, Jordyn was taken to the emergency room at the University of Kansas Hospital. While there, she was in the pediatric intensive care unit.

After sixteen days in the hospital, and more tests plus ample medication, she had to have two surgeries to reduce the swelling of her body.

However, doctors were still not able to say what was going on with the young teen.

As of now, there still is no name for the cause of Jordyn’s symptoms. Now, the teen remains int he hospital, permanently blind.

The once skilled archer knows that her life has changed forever, she remains optimistic about the future.

She tells reporters that she will not let