Escape Room Fire Kills 5 Teens

Five teenage girls lost their lives in an escape room entertainment site in northern Poland over the weekend due to a fire. The mayor of the city said today that the girls would all be buried together in a joint ceremony.

According to fire officials, 26 similar sites had to be shut down because there were security flaws. All of the shutdowns have been since Friday’s fire. Officials are currently in the process of inspection over 1,100 sites in Poland
Fire officials said that 26 similar sites had been shut down due to security flaws since the accident Friday. Inspections of some 1,100 sites across Poland continue.

The person who designed the escape room is in police custody. He is charged with intentionally creating a fire danger with unintentionally causing death. He will remain in jail until further investigation.

According to prosecutors, the heating system for the site was faulty, and there was no route for emergency evacuation. Mayor Piotr Jedlinski says that the city will be financing and arranging the burial for the 15-year-old victims. The teens were friends from the same school. They were celebrating a birthday on the day of the incident.

Escape Room Fire Kills 5 Teens Celebrating Birthday

Unfortunately, an employee who was at the site remains in the hospital with burns. According to them, they noticed that one of the gas cylinders in the reception room’s heating system was making strange noises. Though they tried, they couldn’t fix the cylinder. He says that the fire came out of nowhere and cut off his way to the door of the room in which the girls were in. The man then ran out of the building, asking people for help.

When people go into escape rooms, they are playing a game in which they are locked in a room or building. They have to use puzzles and find clues that lead them to the key that unlocks the door.