Straws May Be Next Michigan’s Ban List

2019 is looking to bring in the new year with possible new laws. In the U.S., Canada, and Europe, there has been plenty of talk on banning single-use straws.

In one of the first big viral videos of the year, one McDonald’s customer was attacking an employee in St. Peterburg, Florida allegedly over a straw. Well, if more plastic staw bans happen, there may be more fights in the future.

Since the beginning of the year, California restaurants face a $25 fine if they are caught offering any of their customers’ plastic straws. In Washington D.C., they have a ban on not only plastic straws but drink stirrers, too. In New York City, they have a ban on Styrofoam to-go containers. However, their mayor says that these plastic sippers are next on the list.

People are wondering if Michigan is going to follow suit.

Reusable Straws The Next Big Thing

However, one citizen, Josh Potrkus thinks that the law is nonsense and that you should use a new straw every time you drink. His friends, on the other hand, don’t feel the same. Friends of Potrkus say that they are okay with having to bring their own plastic sipper. They think that if it helps to save the environment, then why not.

Proponents of the straw ban believe that the ban will help in the reduction of pollution. However, opponents don’t feel that there will be much change.

Below are a few places that you can get a reusable straw:

Walmart offers collapsible reusable straws
Amazon offers stainless steel straws
Target as Kleen Kanteen straws

Many cities within the U.S. offer their version of the Straw Law. There are also many companies in the process of phasing them out on their own.

By 2020, Starbucks plans to phase them out completely. Alaska Airlines says that they will be one of the first airlines to no longer carry plastic straws and stirrers.