Canadian Man Sentenced To Death

First, the Canadian man was going to serve 15 years in prison for smuggling drugs. However, his new sentence is the death penalty as of Monday after his retrial. It was a surprising verdict for many. However, it comes it as tension grown between Beijing and Ottawa after the arrest of one China’s top tech executives in December.

In the northeast province of Liaoning, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg learned of his death penalty sentence. Prosecutors on his case felt that his original sentence wasn’t enough.

On Monday, people of the court were saying that Schellenberg had a negative impact of a mass portion for those in China. Also, that Schellenberg was a part of an international drug ring running rampant in the country.

However, the 36-year-old tells a different story. He says that he was a tourist in the country. A man was saying that he was a translator. Someone how he got caught in the mix of smuggling methamphetamines.

While in court, he was saying that he was not drug user or smuggler.

The court is giving him ten days to appeal his sentence. His arrest came in 2014, and it was carrying a 15 year