Connecticut Huskies Gets Into Alercation at Game

Some bizarre interactions were going on during the Connecticut Huskies and Tulsa Golden Hurricane game. Dan Hurley, coach of the Huskies and Frank Haith, coach of the Hurricanes were both ejected from the game on Wednesday.

During the middle of the second half, the Golden Hurricane was ahead 61-47. Both Hurly and Haith were yelling at refs, thus leading them to receive technical fouls. Then, the two began to yell back and forth at each other, leading to another technical foul, then ejection from the game.

The reason for the last technical fouls came about after Hurley made an attempt to shake Haith’s hand. Before being able to make it midcourt, a referee stepped in. Before being kicked from the game, the two were seen embracing each other.

Coach for the Connecticut Huskies And Golden Hurricane Cause Stir At Basketball Game

After the game, the two were in agreeance that officials were overacting the entire time. Hurley was wanting Haith to know that his team wasn’t receiving the same calls as Haiths’ team.

Hurley was saying that he had never seen anything like he saw in the game and that it was a surreal moment. He says that he was talking to the official when someone on the sideline began speaking to him. He says they went on to say his name and were in his direction. Once he saw who was talking to him, a look of surprise came across his face.

The coach of the Hurricanes says that he and Frank have been acquaintances for at least 20 years. The two were once high school basketball coaches, and at one point Haith was recruiting players from Hurly’s team. He says that the reason for escalation during the game was due to the overreactions for the referees. Hurly doesn’t believe the situation needed all of the extra attention.