Virtual Visits To The Doctors The New Fad

With 2019 comes new innovations that help benefit patients and doctors. Due to technology, patients can now have virtual visits with the doctors. The rising of health technology has allowed for there to platforms where patients can communicate with their doctors live through chat and videos.

According to research from the USA Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital or MGH, virtual video can replace office visits. Doctors can see patients on a larger scale without compromising the quality of care and communication. More and more people are consulting with doctors via phone or video conferences. Over million people are utilizing virtual visits. Even so, telehealth has become a convenience that also costs less than in-office visits. It gives employers a new outlook on health plans.

The way that virtual videos work is that through a secure application over the phone or computer, patients can chat with health doctors. MCH began offering TeleHealth during the beginning of 2013. Through a study using 253 patients and 61 doctors, the results were astounding! Karen Donelan, a scientist at MGH, says that some of the participants in the survey were kids who would come to the clinic frequently. However, others were older patients for who traveling was difficult at times.

Virtual Visits To Your Doctor May Be The Next Best Thing

Virtual consultants and the paper on them were published online. They are here to place visits that can become expensive over time. They take out some of the need to going to the emergency room or a doctor’s office. Though the average cost for telehealth visits is about $79, offices visits cost around $146 on average. However, virtual tours are able to generate additional medical uses. 79% of patients in the study day that they felt it was more convenient to schedule follow up appointments with their virtual doctors. Also, that it was easier to set up the visit than to go to their doctors at an office.