James McAvoy and His Role As The Beast

When it comes to getting muscular for a role, many think of Hugh Jackman in his Wolverine roles. However, people may notice James McAvoy looking buffer than usual in his role as Xavier in the “X-Men” movies. He will be reprising the role in the upcoming “Dark Phoenix.

According to news reports, McAvoy had to spend a lot his time while filming with his fellow X-Men characters, working out to look Strong for “Glass.” McAvoy plays antagonist Kevin Wendell Crumb. Crumb has 24 distinct personalities, including the beast in the “Unbreakable” trilogy finale closer.

We were able to get a glimpse of the beast towards the end Shyamalan’s 2017 thriller “Split,” when McAvoy was running around for two minutes in the dark. However, once finding out that his character was going to spend most of his time in the film in the daylight, he knew he had to jack up.

James McAvoy Speaks On His Role As The Beast

In an interview, the Scottish actor says that he was asking Shyamalan is he was going to have his shirt to which she answers yes. He says that at the moment, he knew he had to get back in the gym. He had to back up the Beast’s name.

To achieve his goals, James McAvoy brought in Swedish personal trainer Magnus Lygdback. Magnus was able to help him reach his physical goals. Lygdback was there to help Alicia Vikander get her body right for her “Tomb Raider” role. Also, he was there for Gal Gadot who players Wonder Woman. He had McAvoy working out five to six times a week and eating five meals a day.

James McAvoy admits that he enjoys the physical aspects that come with acting. For his part in “Glass,” it became an extreme. He says that he had never worked so hard physically when it comes to his character. Also, in the interview, he adds that his work out regime gave him more respect for actors such as The Rock and Hugh Jackman.