Sisters From Saudi Arabia Die Of Suicide

It seems that suicide was the cause of death for two sisters from Suadi Arabia. On Tuesday, medical examiners in New York City were able to determine the true cause of death for the sister found duct-taped in a local river last October. Many had different speculations on what happened to the girls.

According to Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson, Tala Farea, 16 and Rotana Farea, 22, committed suicide. They bound themselves together before jumping into the Hudson River.

On Oct. 24, someone found the two floating in the river. The location of their bodies was near the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They both had their clothes on and were facing each other. There were no apparent signs of trauma to the girls. Authorities believe their bodies washed ashore due to them being on the rocks near the river.

Sisters From Saudi Arabia Finally Have Their Cause Of Death Announced

The news came out after the deaths that they had run away from their home. The sisters were living in Fairfax, Virginia before their deaths. They were living in a shelter due to allegations of abuse from their home. The women were staying in high-end hotels why they were in New York City. They were able to max out on the older sisters credit card before their death.

Those who knew the sisters in Virginia say that they did not want to return to Saudi Arabia. Statements from some were saying that the two would rather kill themselves than return.

The sisters came to the U.S. with their mother and two brothers from Saudi Arabia in 2015. Investigators believe that two were in the midst for filing for asylum.

The bodies of the sister were finally returned and buried in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 3 in the city of Medina.