Candy Options On V-Day May Be Limited

Though when it comes to receiving candy and holidays, many people think of Halloween. However, people tend to forget about one of the best months to receive sweets, Valentine’s Day. Though chocolate tends to be the staple candy for lovers on V-Day, there are still those who like those chalky, heart-shaped candies. Unfortunately, the famous candy hearts will not be available this year. They usually have messages such as “Cutie” and “Be Mine.”

Sweethearts, a staple Valentine’s Day candy since first debuting in 1901, will not be on the shelves this upcoming holiday. However, the cady not being available should not be new news. The chairman as well as CEO of Sprangler, Kirk Vashaw, made the announcement during a company press release in Septemeber of 2018. In the release, he said that the company was looking forward to relaunching the SweetHeart during the 2020 Valentine’s Day season. The had recently purchased the classic brand the same year.

No Sweethearts Candy This Valentine’s Day

Sprangler is the owner of other famous candies such as Dum-Dums lollipops and Circus Peanuts. Last year, the company was not only able to acquire Sweethearts but NECCO Wafers as well. They were able to purchase the equipment that makes the candies too. The New England Confectionary Company (NECCO) closed down their Massachusettes factory as well as declared bankruptcy in July of 2018.

NECCO was the country’s oldest operating candy company before finally closing their doors last year. There is the possibility that you may find NECCO-brand Sweethearts in a local store. However, they will not be new or had been made this year.

Brach’s, another sweets maker sells there own version of the candy hearts, so don’t fret just yet. Those looking to indulge in the conversation heart’s won’t have to go without this Valentine’s Day.